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Developing Your Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission is to provide you and your company with information and corporate coaching to assist you in establishing a successful practice or clinic and Increase your potential revenue and grow your business.

Our Vision
It's our vision to make a positive impact within the mental health industry by enhancing  the lives of those who are served by mental health

professionals through quality services.

Our team would like to assist you in performance management and planning. Establish a comprehensive substance abuse service delivery system

that is based on the principles of continuous quality improvement.

Our Strategies to Help You:
Develop and implement effective prevention and treatment strategies.
Improve the quality of services provided to substance abuse and mental health clients.
Promote systems approaches that enhance integration.
Improve your outcome effectiveness.

A mission statement is a brief description of a company's fundamental purpose. A mission statement answers the question, "Why do we exist?“

Your mission is what you do best every day, and your vision is what the future looks like because you do that mission so exceedingly well. In fact, I like to compare them to another old debate: management versus leadership.

What is a vision statement? Essentially, a vision statement takes into account the current status of the organization, and serves to point the direction of where the organization wishes to go. As a means of setting a central goal that the organization will aspire to reach, the vision statement helps to provide a focus for the mission of the corporation, business, or non-profit entity. Here is some information about the construction of a vision statement.

Your mission statement must “work” not only today but for the intended life of your strategic plan of which your mission statement is a part. If you’re developing a five year strategic plan, for example, you develop a mission statement which you believe will “work” for the next five years.

Focus is a primary benefit of your mission statement. It should be broad enough to allow for the diversity (new products, new services, new markets) you require of your business. And it will also be specific enough to provide the focus necessary to the success of your business.

Creating a Vision Website includes steps involved in creating a vision statement for an organization.

Build a mission

Treatment and Detoxification
Most State Substance Abuse Program Officials have increasing emphasis on the use of evidence-based practices in order to improve client outcomes.

Your treatment facility to consider a quality assurance management or consultant that supports developing and maintaining consistent principals of quality improvements.

Licensing Examples may Include (such as Florida)
Chapter 397, Florida Statutes, authorizes the Department of Children and Families to license persons who and organizations that provide

substance abuse services. Chapter 65D-30, Florida Administrative Code, includes the licensure standards that are used by the Department's

licensing agents when conducting on-site inspections.

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