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Owning and Operating A Best Treatment Center

Opening a Mental Health or Alcohol and Drug abuse treatment center can be a rewarding experience, however there is a huge responsibility that goes along with this venture. Best practice base approaches are suggested. A single mistake can have serious ramifications for you, your business and your clients.

Through researching about this line of business, you must have also learned about the range of prices of the services. If you have already identified the services you want to provide your clients, it is time for you to set a price for each of them. Do you know your competitors? Are you familiar with the resources that currently exist in your community? How do you plan to fill the gaps in services?

Location is another issue to consider during the planning stage. Some counties have codes and restrictions. Check with your area zoning office to assure the property you are about to lease or purchase is zoned for the business you desire.Your location will need to pass health, zoning and fire code inspections before you open the doors to patients.

Licensing requirements vary by state. Research your state requirements. Again we stress the first step in launching a successful treatment center is to research the licensing and certification requirements in your local area. You do not want to exhaust expenditures and then find out you overlooked meeting a requirement, time lost is money wasted.

Treatment centers require highly trained personnel. Plan early develop your organizational chart and staffing layout. Based on various modalities and the level of care that you have chosen to open, you will need at least a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, nurses, and certified staff with a staff-to-client ration that meets state guidelines.(ASAM Level of Care www.ASAM.org

Policies and Procedures will need to be developed before you open. Allow us to work with as we build the policies and procedures tailored to your agencyneeds. Also contact area centers and network, ask other treatment professionals for advice about the creation of policies to address admissions, interventions, program rules, patient laws, agency protocol and other concerns.

Our Team will assist your agencies in the implementation of quality improvement systems, Our qualified experience staff can assist you with your site visit preparation. Recommendations can be offered to assist you with infrastructure, building a working system of care, assist in developing forms and network groups to build referrals and generate income.

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