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To open the doors to a new clinic or practice takes one set of skills however keeping your clinic/practice open and a long-standing fixture in your community takes a whole set of other skills. So let's look at what it takes to build and maintain a successful practice/agency?

We recommend that you gather all the information from your local governing bodies within your state and county. Make sure you have gathered a team of successful qualified staff.  Qualified staff should have qualifications within the industry that you plan to open. Example: if you are planning to open a substance abuse and mental health freestanding outpatient center you will want to ensure that you employ licensed mental health professionals and addictions professionals. Building a lucrative practice incorporates building and ethical practice. Quality assurance protocols must be established in order to sustain your infrastructure, service delivery, payment reimbursement and state and federal guidelines.

Treatment centers / rehabilitation centers should be a safe and nurturing environment. Location will be key to your longevity and referral base. Your facility needs to be conducive to healing, find a location a place far from stress and noise. Unsafe crime-ridden environments are not a good idea. Think through all ancillary services before purchase and any location. Make sure that the establish location will meet your current needs and your future growth.

I have seen many entities fail in the first five years because they failed to establish a concrete business plan ,infrastructure and quality assurance program. Another obstacle for many rehabs has been their failure to coordinate and collaborate. Collaboration is key for success!

Consider a Business Coach
Coaches help to inspire you, assist you in reaching your vision and goals. To set more realistic and reachable goals. Let us help you discover your dreams and plan your vision, so it becomes a reality.

SAMH Business Consultant Services
Corporate coaching helps leaders to think and plan more strategically. Let us help you Design systems and infrastructures that ensure efficient processes. Let your business grow and become a long term fixture in your community.

Corporate coaches can help you create and enhance vision and mission statements.
Corporate coaching can increase sales, productivity, improved communication, increased staff retention.
Assist in developing organizational strengths.
Create Cultural Competency plans
Corporate Training Staff development
Group Dynamics and Team building
Program Development and implementation Policies and Procedure,
Development and writing policies that work.
Grant writing Contract negotiation
Contract compliance and Accountability
Pre-site visit preparations
Marketing and system Collaboration brainstorming
Building networks and collaborations

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